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Solarco – BOXMATIC | Automatic Boxmaker

Automatic Machine from the BOXMATIC line for production of corrugated boxes, trays, partitions and cut-out parts with the option of additional die-cuts (e.g. for handholes) and flexo print.


Purpose of the machine

This is an automatic machine from range BOXMATIC for production of corrugated boxes, trays, partitions and cut-out parts with the option of additional die-cut (e.g. for handholes) and flexo print (e.g. for company or RESY logo). It can also simply cut and crease a cardboard both crosswise and lengthwise. The production of basic slotted boards (especially series FEFCO 02xx, FEFCO, 03xx etc…) is possible from single-wall and double-wall corrugated boards. Under certain circumstances, the BOXMATIC can processes tri-wall.


Main parts of the machine – the machine itself, automatic loading unit/automatic loading unit from the pallet. The machine can be also equipped with an automatic unloader of the production on the pallet. The loading and unloading unit decreases the minimal number of employees required to handle the machine and thus increases the productivity. The machine itself then processes cardboard and can perform the following operations:

  • slotting, crosswise and lengthwise creasing
  • crosswise cutting with the option to simultaneously cut-out flaps
  • lengthwise cutting
  • supplementary die-cut
  • flexo module – large format print

Based on customer´s requirements, the machine can be also equipped with two or three-out production and up to three flexo print units. Machine programming and parameter settings are quick and easy thanks to PLC touch panel. Only basic information must be inserted, the rest is calculated by the program itself. Based on the data provided by the program, it is very easy to manually adjust the position of the printing units, die-cut forms, knives, etc. This allows the machine operator to quickly and easily adjust the machine for another job within a few minutes using just one allen wrench.