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Om abcMIX

What is abcMIX?
abcMIX is ​​an innovative letter system that combines high flexibility and maximum visibility – even in brightly lit rooms, and is ideal for supermarkets, the retail industry, trade fairs or conferences where there is a need to quickly switch to new product groups, put goods in focus or make temporary referrals.

Infinite combination possibilities
The LED letters are easily and quickly put together into words or sentences and with abcMIX it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

All letters in the alphabet can be provided, and there are also options for special characters, colors and configurations.

Easy to set up
The smart magnet or rail system makes it easy for anyone to make messages visible. abcMIX simply requires a standard power outlet, which is easily assembled with the power connector for the desired word or ceiling rail.

The letters themselves staple together using the magnet or the ceiling rail, which also conducts the current so that there is instant light in all connected letters.